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Let’s Continue Our Success with Proven Leadership!

“Asking for your vote is not something that I take lightly. With preparation, determination and my desire to serve, I will continue being highly effective as your councilman. Thank you!”

Let’s Continue Our Success

My responsibility is to represent you to the city and not simply representing the city’s position to you.

I honor the flag, support police officers and firefighters and believe in conservative common sense solutions to the issues we face.

Vote to Re-Elect Kurt Ivie to Washington City Council

Let’s continue our success!

  • I get things done!
  • Govern with integrity.
  • Serve with no conflicts of interest.
  • Incentivize commercial development in keeping taxes low.
  • Putting citizens first – every time.
  • Regulatory Reform to reduce barriers and improve services.
  • Empowering parents in social media fight.
  • Competency in understanding the root of an issue and effectively resolving it.
  • Proven leadership, vision, experience and courage.

“I support Councilman Kurt Ivie in his reelection to Washington City Council. He understands the proper role of government and is well known throughout Southern Utah and at the Capitol. Kurt lives our Southern Utah values. I am confident he has the public interest as his primary motivation for serving Washington City. He will be a continued advocate for the individual citizen, diligently plan for growth and proactively serve your city”.

Senator Evan Vickers – District 28 – Senate Majority Leader

Challenges outside the obvious

What are the biggest challenges Washington City faces outside the obvious topics? And what are the solutions?

I think timeliness in government and the pressure to navigate correctly through social and cultural differences will in some way affect all communities going forward.

Looking for different strategies to deliver the common services that we have always provided, but in a more streamlined and efficient manner. To do this we must allow room to innovate and think outside the “common boxes” and not be afraid to test new concepts and processes.

We all live in a fast-paced and ever-changing world but at times it seems that government is the last to respond. I believe that in order to better prepare our city to adapt and excel to the changes of the future, we need to be comfortable in looking for creative and well calculated strategies that will support us all through challenging times ahead.

Lastly, I believe we need to strengthen our communities from within and share a vision of innovation and adaptability with an abundance of opportunity for everyone.